Otto Rank

Psychologist, Philosopher, Art Critic, Cultural Anthropologist, Educator

Essays About Rank

The May 1984 issue of Columbia Library Columns, the Otto Rank Centenary issue, is available online. The magazine appeared regularly from 1951-1996 and is now fully digitized and available to all.


Vol XXXIII: 3 includes four articles with many illustrations in 21 pages; can be viewed/​downloaded as PDF.

Otto Rank in America. Rank as therapist by Mary Butler (Mrs. Roger) Plowden] by E. J. Lieberman

Impressions of the Diaries by Esther Menaker

Diary Leaves of a Stillborn by Otto Rank

Two Early Poems by Otto Rank

An out-of-print collection of essays for the Otto Rank centennial
Chronology of Rank's life and work by Robert Kramer
A collection of brief comments by a variety of observers.